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Dry Cleaning Service Birmingham Alabama

Dry Clean City of Vestavia Hills is the leading discount dry cleaners in Birmingham Alabama. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service. Our owner received this letter a few weeks ago from one of our customers.

June 8,2016

Dear Mr. Mattioli,

Let me express my sincere thanks to your staff, who truly went above and beyond today at your business.

I left my car running with the A/C for my dog while I ran in to pick up my garments. Upon returning, I realized I locked the keys in the car and fumbled with one of my hangers to unlock a door through an open window, to no avail. As soon as she catches sight of what’s going on, your employee — Dorothy — comes out in the blazing hot 90-degree sun to help me get the door open. She was determined to help get me and my dog (who was recovering from eye surgery) on our way as soon as possible. In fact, three of your staff helped at various points, with a gentleman eventually opening a window enough to get it!

Please ensure that Dorothy receives this small token of my appreciation. You will have my business for many years to come, and a hearty recommendation to all my co-workers.


Thank you again,

Matthew ____