John Mattioli says being an entrepreneur has far exceeded his expectations.



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A chat with John Mattioli, owner of Dry Clean City of Vestavia Hills

BIRMINGHAM, AL – When John Mattioli learned of Belk’s Parisian takeover and his subsequent layoff in August of 2006, he decided to move forward with something that he felt was a need not currently being served in the Birmingham market: discount dry cleaning services with excellent customer service.

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“We truly think our discount dry cleaning service will be beneficial to many consumers, businesses, and their employees in the Birmingham area,” says Mattioli. Being a retailer, it is only fitting that John Mattioli would develop a strategy with the goal to become both the Wal-Mart and Parisian of the dry cleaning industry. Working on low margins, high volume, and excellent customer service to dominate the dry cleaning business was the core strategy.




He along with his wife, Holly, purchased Dry Clean City of Vestavia Hills in May 2007 from out of state owners. Within the first three months of their ownership, John & Holly reorganized all of the systems and developed an extremely efficient dry cleaning process and Parisian like customer service strategy.



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In November 2012 they opened 5 Star Cleaners in the Valleydale Village Shopping Center and started a corporate dry cleaning pickup and delivery service called 5stardryclean.com. Mattioli’s new venture offers discount dry cleaning services to all types of businesses throughout the Birmingham area. 5Stardryclean.com picks up from and delivers dry cleaning to each of it’s client’s locations twice weekly for a fraction of the price normally charged for delivery dry cleaning.

“With our high quality, Parisian inspired service, and low prices, we estimate many people may save up to $100 a month on their dry cleaning needs,” says Mattioli.


We Are Easy On The Environment & On Your Wallet!

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