John Mattioli says being an entrepreneur has far exceeded his expectations.

About Us

Dry Clean City of Vestavia Hills offers the best value in the Birmingham Alabama area for dry cleaning, laundry, and alterations service.

We are the newest and most modern dry cleaning plant in the Birmingham Alabama area. Our mission is to offer the people of the Birmingham Alabama area the best value in the city on dry cleaning and laundry service. Our dry cleaning prices average 66% less than what most full price dry cleaners charge. The average dry cleaning customer saves $100 a month on their dry cleaning expense versus what they would pay at a full price dry cleaners.

How do we do it? First of all, our owner, John Mattioli, was a former executive with Parisian, prior to the company being acquired by Belk. John traveled quite extensively in his numerous positions as part of the Parisian merchandising team. He usually had lots of dry cleaning and laundry every week and was always questioning why it costs so much. He tried numerous dry cleaners in the Birmingham Alabama area from 1985 – 2007 in search of a dry cleaners that would offer him great service, good quality, and fair pricing. Needless to say, he never found the ideal dry cleaners while he was part of corporate America.

When John lost his corporate job after Belk acquired Parisian and closed the corporate office in Birmingham, he, after much thought and research, decided to become an entrepreneur and get into the dry cleaning business. His plan was to offer people in the Birmingham Alabama area the type of dry cleaners that he never found while being a busy executive.

His dry cleaners would offer Parisian level customer service, good quality, excellent prices, and quick turn around. Being a long time retailer, he envisioned being the combination of Parisian and Wal Mart of the dry cleaning business. Imagine Wal Mart being a dry cleaner but also offering Parisian level service. It would work great if he could figure out how to do this.

John and his wife, Holly, bought Dry Clean City of Vestavia Hills in May of 2007 and totally restructured the operation to become customer service oriented and efficient. The business already had a good basic modern efficient dry cleaning and laundry system in place. It just needed someone to come in and manage the process to make it work the way it was intended to work. John, being the perfectionist that he is, put himself in the trenches and fine tuned everything about the business. His vision has now become a reality because he was able to cut so much fat from the expenses that he is able to offer superior value to his dry cleaning and laundry customers.

Dry Clean City of Vestavia Hills is now the most modern, efficient, customer service oriented, and value priced dry cleaners in the Birmingham Alabama area.

If you are not one of our customers we invite you to give us a try and experience what it’s like to do business with a dry cleaners that has an owner with a passion for service, quality, and value.